Are ronnie and sammi from jersey shore still dating

; the pair welcomed a daughter just ONE MONTH AGO), Harley claimed Ronnie had cheated on her and basically ditched his kid.

Despite the couple's frequent use of Instagram to show off their love for one another, they have been fairly private about their relationship.“Everyone knows it.” This is not altogether stunning. Magro made it clear in a conversation with Snooki last week that he didn't see himself exchanging any vows with Harley. by Nian Hu So with Riverdale Season 3 Episode 7, there’s good news and there’s bad news.The good news is that I’m starting to think that the Riverdale writers are actually reading my recaps, or at least spending a lot of time scouring r/riverdale, because they FINALLY decided to stop jumping around madly from one disjointed plotline…

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