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Maggie Lawson was born on 12th August 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, the United States to her parents, where her father Mike Lawson was a hotel manager & mother was a Judy Lawson housewife.

Lawson has two brothers Nick Lawson and Chris Lawson.

healthy for everybody.” Six years is a long haul for creating characters and each of the actors touched on the key moments for their characters and the show.

“I feel like the “Yin/Yang” trilogy pushed everybody into a deeper place…

His career, net worth, childhood and relationships revealed!

Following as Detective Julliet O’Hara, Lawson scored leading roles in ABC’s 2013 sitcom Back In The Game, CBS’s 2014 show Save the Date and CBS’s 2016 fantasy sitcom Angel from hell.

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[But if] we can make your heart beat a little bit faster every now and then, I think it’s probably…Right now, Lawson is currently starring in a recurring role on Lethal Weapon as Dr. Maggie Lawson was married from August 8, 2015, to 2017 to Ben Koldyke who is also a co-star in Back in the Game.Maggie and Ben Koldyke met on the set of the ABC’s baseball comedy, Back in the Game.Maggie completed her high school education from Assumption High School, an All-Girls Catholic school.After finishing high school, she attended the University of Louisville for higher studies.

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