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Lester uploaded a video yesterday appropriately titled “Coming Out to You,” in which he cuts to the chase right away before discussing his coming out journey for the next several minutes.

He is even known as a host of the Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil. He is also the host for the Internet Takeover slot of the BBC Radio 1 station.Wait.’” Lester goes on to say that he felt he had to keep this revelation to himself because of the area he lived in, and he even thought he might grow out of it. I grew into it.” It wasn’t until he went off to university that he says he stopped pretending to like girls and started coming out to his new friends.While Lester says his continual coming out journey (because it really never does end) has gotten a lot easier over the years, and he’s surrounded mostly by people who accept him now.“So people might react badly at first, but that’s because we’re all victims of this cultural brainwashing that puts these feelings [that being gay is bad] in our heads.” But he has some good advice for LGBTQ viewers who find themselves around people who don’t come to accept them as they are: there may not be room for them in your life.“It’s not something you should put up with, it’s part of who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Lester’s news comes not long after his comedy partner, Dan Howell, also came out, in a video titled “Basically I’m Gay.” Fans of Dan & Phil have long speculated over whether they may have been dating at some point.

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