Andrea lewis and aubrey graham dating

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After her character's departure from "Degrassi" in 2006, Lewis relocated to Los Angeles to attempt a career in music. At 25, Lewis now has a much more firm understanding of herself as an artist, she said. I would like people to be able to relate to the project as much as possible.

At the end of the day, I'm a normal girl that's been through the same things that a lot of people have been through.

*Mike Lobel orignally auditioned for Dylan on Degrassi: The Next Generation but got a bigger role as "Jay." Deanna Casaluce Role: Alex (Seasons 5-Present) *Deanna Casaluce orignally auditioned as Paige in Degrassi: The Next Generation but her friend Lauren Collins got the role. Canada M135G5 (Credit: can't stand it when they think they're being clever and say they use it as a doorstop.

Stacey Farber Role: Ellie Nash (Seasons 3-Present) *Stacey dislikes the fishnets her character Ellie used to wear. I'd put mine on the mantel where everybody would notice it.

And TV movies like Cadet Kelly (2002) and other including her guest appearance and cameos.

She is active in social media like Twitter and Instagram. She is very fond of her fans and often posts pictures for them. She is one of the most popular black actresses in the television industry.

Now, as Lewis promotes her independent album 5-4-3-2-1, which features ballads and uptempo numbers like the pulsating "Voodoo," she finds herself being compared with her friend.Known for her unique hair while many actresses out there like to play around with their hair to look better, Andrea believes that her hair needs a break- “I’m comfortable with myself and just leaving my hair to be what it naturally is!I dye it black because I prefer darker hair and I usually leave it curly because I care about the health of my hair and for so long I damaged it with flat irons and harsh dyes that now I feel my hair deserves a break.” Andrea was nominated along with another cast of Degrassi for the Best Ensemble in a TV series on two separate years by Young Artist Awards.Jake Goldsbie Role: Toby Isaacs *On Degrassi: The Next Generation, Jake originally auditioned for the role of J. (edit) *He has left the show and hopes to spend more time with his wife of 5 years Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Role: Liberty Van Zandt *For spring break she’s “probably going with Mom to London—my mom is British. We are sure that she might have had few boyfriends back in the days but there are no official names to disclose.

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