Amputee dating woman

“I was a senior in high school, and I was looking forward to parties, graduation night and boys.” Introducing her prosthetic leg to potential boyfriends, however, has proved to be a gamble.

Stephanie bounced back to life after the accident though and was not afraid to meet boys.

After several months of not dating and spending time with friends, Stephanie focused on school and her passion: dancing and performing.

“Training and dancing since I was 5 years old, there were always hurdles,” she says.

In August 2005, Stephanie performed at the Amputee Coalition Annual Educational Conference & Exposition in Dallas, Texas.

She danced to the song Ready for Love, by India Arie, and finished to thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

Stephanie wants to strengthen her body image and possibly allow her next boyfriend to touch and rub her residual limb. So I just weed them out.”Meeting new people is difficult, and not everyone is going to be a match.

At a party, Stephanie decided to make a move on a new guy, with some creative advice from girlfriends.

“I was in Tampa, Florida, at a karaoke bar,” Stephanie says, “and this really good-looking guy with long blond hair came up to the table and introduced himself.

Then he asks if I would like to sing a song with him.” He turned out to be a Calvin Klein model, and they became a couple for two years.

His reaction to her leg, she says, was “very natural.

He wasn’t shocked or turned off.”Unfortunately, not everyone is as open and accepting as the Calvin Klein model.

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