Am i dating a spy

I’ll just wind up cheating on you, leaving you, and swiping your duvet.” I am so not kidding!

You’ll drive yourself crazy second guessing everything you see. Ruin his surprise and don’t be surprised when a major fight ensues. He’s far more likely to answer you now than after he’s caught you spying. He could be texting his friends about a surprise party for your birthday or getting an update about the ring he’s customizing for you. You could even ask him nicely to see who’s been texting him or who those women on Facebook are. Getting jealous just because he has a few women on his contacts list isn’t attractive. He had a life before you and it’s OK for him to have friends, both male and female. He’s just going to think if you’re that insecure in a relationship, maybe you shouldn’t be in one. Did you ever think that maybe he wants some privacy because he’s working on a surprise for you? If you have problems with something he’s doing, talk to him.When you see that person, you nod and begin walking toward them.What I just described is a first date with someone you met online, of course, but it’s also not too far off a scene from a spy thriller.

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