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Carolinas CARE Partnership has been a leader in the fight to end the HIV epidemic by connecting those living with HIV with the critical resources they need and educating those at risk about prevention options.

Over the past few decades, we have made significant progress in discovering new and innovative HIV treatment and prevention strategies to address the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Bordetella was once called “Kennel Cough”, so unfortunately many people think it is a vaccine only for dogs that are boarded in a kennel.

Not so, any dog exposed to other dogs (that means mostly all dogs) or places that they have been such as walking around the neighborhood can be exposed to the disease. For dogs that are exposed to wildlife either in the neighborhoods, on greenways or dog parks vaccination against Leptospirosis is a must.

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There can be much confusion about what vaccines are needed by your pet.

No longer is there a “one size fits all” mentality about vaccinations.

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