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He presented that to the define numbers we need 2 things: and so on.It perfectly fits the requirement of Peano arithmetic!To prevent that, we require that each set as well as each of its elements (if there are some; such elements are also sets) would be disjoint (share no common elements).An inner set containing two elements defines our 2 elements and inner set with one element shows which one is first.If we define it like: What would be the meaning of that?(I saw a definition of a subtraction in lambda calculus, that would return 0 - because it has to return something, but we would like something better than that). At this point, I’m skipping showing how comparison work, or things like neutral elements, but the curious reader has all the tools to figure them out.In mathematical sets, the null set, also called the empty set, is the set that does not contain anything. The null set makes it possible to explicitly define the results of operations on certain sets that would otherwise not be explicitly definable. This is because there is logically only one way that a set can contain nothing.

We build this way natural numbers, integers, rationals and reals, tuples and functions. Or tuples (vectors) and tuples of tuples with matching sizes (matrices). ability to build the set of all sets, which might be limiting. Also, an example of a proper class - a class which is not a set.Let’s say we have a set ) of cardinalities of multiplied sets.So, if all of the sets are non-empty the cardinality of a product should also be non-zero and the set itself non-empty.In mathematics, I never saw any name for it as it is a granted property of the world.OK, so we defined an infinite set of natural numbers $\N = $.

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