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It is estimated that 500,000 teens attempt suicide every year, with 5,000 succeeding.

When they fell in love, she was barely into her teens, and he wasn't much older.

Romeo and Juliet's story is centuries old, but these two very different views of adolescent romance live on, often simultaneously, in the minds of bemused parents.

Lately, teenage romance has caught the attention of a number of researchers, who are increasingly interested in its potentially positive as well as negative effects -- not just on adolescence, but on adult relationships and well-being. Wyndol Furman, an editor of the book '' The Development of Romantic Relationships in Adolescence,'' understanding teenage dating means understanding that adolescence is ''a roiling emotional caldron whose major fuel -- more than parents, peers or school and almost as much as those things combined -- is the opposite sex.'' Dr.

During this time of change, teens are faced with many issues and decisions.

The following addresses some of the key issues that can have an impact on a teen's social development. The development of a positive self-image and a healthy self-esteem is very important for making a successful transition from child to adult.

In addition, teens need to understand the possible consequences of being sexually active—including pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as being emotionally hurt.

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Most teenage fads are harmless and eventually fade away without permanent damage.

Teenagers' growing capacity for positive romantic relationships has been traced by Dr.

Reed Larson, a professor of human and community development at the University of Illinois.

However, when the unhappiness lasts for more than two weeks and the teen experiences other symptoms (see below), then he or she may be suffering from depression.

There are many reasons why teenagers become unhappy. Teens can develop feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy over school performance, social interaction, sexual orientation or family life.

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