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It drives me crazy how officials let him manipulate them. K's birthday, I just want to discuss why Duke is so grating for me. Remember, I respect the guy (even if he did learn everything he knows from Bobby Knight.) He knows how to motivate his players (though I doubt he could ever pull his army-schtick on adult men).

Watch a Duke game and you will almost never see a call go against them. He is a great recruiter (regardless of the fact that Duke was not disciplined even in the wake of Missouri and Massachusetts being stripped of Elite Eight and Final Four banners and over 0,000 despite the fact that Corey Maggette admitted taking money from an ex-crack dealer, making him ineligible just like UMass's Mr. Moreover, Coach K is a decent, loyal person from a humble background, which I can respect (even if he has hinted at leaving his program three different times for the Celtics, Trail Blazers, and Lakers and received subsequent pay raises, and makes millions upon millions from his image while his players, who played a great part in making that image, get a good education and nothing else).

This is the kind of fodder that D3 guys who are too stupid to get a real job print out and frame on their wall when they are forced into some crappy job in a fuschia polo on the sideline of their old school.

The other people who love this stuff are the guys in the mainstream media who think that sports is really all about ideology and philosophy, and that all this attitude and anger is just awful.

Off below center label."Hillerich & Bradsby Co" in center label of all bats.

Why cucumbers are better for hair than some vegetables... Hard to choose weather it is better on the outside of your body, as a part of a facial-mask or hair treatment to highlight blonde or brown hair, or eating it, good for your nutrients for healthy hair and scalp. Eaten with/in other oils and on foods provides moisture to hair and body, Hair shines, and essential nutrients.

I often dislike Duke's players, I think Coach K is overrated, and I feel that he's given a free pass with everything he does.

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All connective tissue cells in the body including hair, nails and skin contain silica.

I'd like to wish a big Don't Ever Give Up: The Basketball Blog happy birthday to Mr. Coach K is by all accounts one of the greatest recruiters, motivators, and strategizers of all times, and has turned the Duke program from an ACC also-ran into perhaps its best program.

(And a favorite of racists.)I'll be completely honest with you. Something doesn't ring true with me about his squeaky clean demeanor or the snobby, entitled, sanctimonious crowd that wears with great pride their blue "D".

A great source of strengthening silica and other nutrients, cool to the body, Great for shiny hair, healthy skin and nails, Add it to your juicing combo! Green pepper contains a lot of Silica, chlorophyll, nutrients for good circulation and of course, lotsa Vitamin C. Don't use eat it or drink it when your your nose is runny or stuffy! Black sesame oil is different, and causes more of a digestive tonic, a cleansing effect and also is rumored to help deal with gray hairs and dryness in skin.

Healthy hair requires good blood circulation to deliver nutrients to the hair.

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